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About US – Le Energy I Energizing the future

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Based in the United Arab Emirates, Le Energy is a trusted supplier of innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, and renewable energy solutions in the power, energy, and Oil & Gas industries.
We supply state-of-the-art equipment, machinery, and technology solutions for power generation, power transmission and distribution, smart grid technologies, overhead line power transmission, solar power generation, battery storage/energy storage solutions, solar PV panel cleaning, and maintenance. Our offerings include customized energy-efficient technologies and power systems for industrial applications.
About Us - Le Energy LLC

Le Energy

Le Energy is a dynamic team of experts with technical insight, commercial expertise, and over 20 years of local market presence in the power, energy, and Oil & Gas industries in the UAE.

This combined with the experience of Le Energy’s management propelled us forward as a trusted partner for forward-looking technology companies seeking leading sales agencies, sales partners, and Consultancy
services in the energy industry in the UAE.

Craig Marshall Chief Operating Officer-Le Energy LLC

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Marshall CEng BEng

With over two decades of experience in consultancy services, project management, and leadership roles in the energy industry, Craig Marshall CEng BEng is a power industry expert and recognized project leader. His long-term service records include engineering consultancy services with Fichtner and General Management roles in the UAE, and his experience extends to the Middle East region.

Regional Sales Manager

Abhilash Varghese

Abhilash is experienced in strategy and business leadership, driving sales growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. His long-term career in the power and energy industry in the UAE includes Sales and Marketing Manager of Mitsubishi’s Power Division, sales leadership roles in the UAE, expertise in launching new products, and business development in the power and energy industry.

At Le Energy, our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart. With uncompromising high customer service standards, expertise, and local market presence, we support technology companies in making their international market entry easier, establishing rapid sales pipeline growth, and sustainable revenue.

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